Weks Admin replied

279 weeks ago

1. Be courteous to all players and treat them with respect. Your actions reflect on the Linkshell as a whole, so keep that in mind when interacting with other players. Think before you act.

2. No ninja looting, stealing, scamming, and breaking the game's Terms of Service (ToS).

3. When looting, "Need" is not permitted. We only use the "Greed" or the "Pass" options.

4. All members are expected to attend scheduled events. This is a static group. Please sign up on the Calendar and list your status for the scheduled events. If you're unable to attend, please leave a short message stating your reasons. Repeated absence from scheduled events may result in your replacement for the preservation of the static group.

5. Breaking any of the rules set forth may result in your removal from the Linkshell.
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