Weks Admin replied

257 weeks ago

As we enter week 2 of the Coil static party, we are still looking to find available raid times that suits everyone. I understand that everyone has different work schedules and availability so this is no simple task. I've tried to minimize adding more members to the static LS and work with our current members so nobody is left out. This approach doesn't seem to work, as I've had to cancel a couple runs this past weekend already. Some members either can't make the scheduled runs, and some choose not to participate. As stated in the rules, repeated unannounced absence from raids, may result in your removal from the Linkshell. Another thing to note, is that raid times starting at 8:30PM seem to be a bad idea. Trying to raid that late in the evening doesn't appear to be productive, since people are tired and lack focus to complete the Coil runs. So I'm trying to schedule something earlier during the day on weekends, in hopes of accommodating most of our members. I've even also began talks with other static Coil Linkshell masters in hopes of pooling our resources together to try and build more viable static parties. Not having a fully functioning Coil static is unacceptable. So I'm trying to make things happen, using every means at my disposal. As a static group, we need to function as one or we will not succeed. Any input to help make this a more progressive static is appreciated. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions…

Orion Starr replied

256 weeks ago

Sounds good, I agree 100% with you.
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