Weks Admin replied

270 weeks ago

Group 3 has been formed! The first Coil run schedule has been posted on the calendar, starting Tuesday @ 8PM-11PM (Eastern Standard Time). Here are the current members:

Potse Dlk > MNK / WAR
Kvothe Bloodless > WAR / SCH
Theri Kahrqa > WHM / MNK
Garrick Vanyar > DRG / PLD
Salama Blanfyrwyn > BRD / WHM
Kuay Kuay > SMN / BRD
Adreus Blackwood > BLM / PLD
Namas Ramza > ?

In the event any of the static members can't make the run, we'll do our best to have someone listed on "Reserve" to fill in. Please RSVP on Calendar and let the group know if you can or can't attend. That will greatly aid the group in the search for a replacement ahead of time. Thank you!

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Salama replied

270 weeks ago

Salama's main is Bard. Secondary right now is White Mage

Kvothe replied

270 weeks ago

Kvothe Bloodless - Main War. Secondary Sch

Warrior-Ilvl 81
Scholar-Ilvl 72
Summoner-Ilvl 70
Monk-Ilvl 67

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