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A gang of criminals, which includes a piano player and an imposing former convict known as 'Gruesome', has found out about a scientist's secret formula for a gas that temporarily paralyzes anyone who breathes it. When Gruesome accidentally inhales some of the gas and passes out, the police think he is dead and take him to the morgue, where he later revives and escapes. This puzzling incident attracts the interest of Dick Tracy, and when the criminals later use the gas to rob a bank, Tracy realizes that he must devote his entire attention to stopping them.
Dick Tracy goes up against a villain who robs banks using a nerve gas.
Originated by Chester Gould&#39;s syndicated comic strip, Dick Tracy has been a durable cinematic character with appearances ranging from 1930s serials to an over-hyped 1990 blockbuster-style motion picture starring Warren Beatty and Madonna–but the character&#39;s film appearances are perhaps most fondly recalled from the 1940s RKO Pictures series. Written with stacco dialogue and seldom running more than an hour, they were welcome &quot;B&quot; movies at almost every matinĂ©e.<br/><br/>The 1947 DICK TRACY MEETS GRUESOME is very typical of the series in terms of style, plot, and Ralph Byrd, who frequently played the character; it is atypical in the sense that it also features a major star, none other than Boris Karloff, who appears as Gruesome. In this particular tale, the criminal Gruesome is taken to meet a mysterious professor–and through him stumbles onto a chemical that makes people freeze in their tracks for several minutes. It&#39;s an ideal weapon for a bank heist, but Gruesome runs afoul of Tess Trueheart (Anne Gwynne, popular WWII pin-up and &quot;B&quot; actress in such titles as FLASH GORDON CONQUERS THE UNIVERSE and HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN), who is on the scene and unaffected. Tess manages to alert Tracy and the manhunt is soon underway.<br/><br/>The film makes use of cartoonist Gould&#39;s knack for odd names–on this occasion including Dr. A. Tomic–and shoot-&#39;em-up action, and Karloff scores a particularly menacing turn with, of all things, a furnace. No one would accuse it of being high-end or particularly inventive, but it is a fun little flick of its time; while casual viewers will find it very slight, Tracy fans will have fun.<br/><br/>GFT, Amazon Reviewer
What is that cat doing in the bank, again? <br/><br/>Lex Barker, soon to become Tarzan is here in an ambulance driver role. He looks so good everyone forgets the plot. Meanwhile Gruesome gets away.<br/><br/>The chatty bank guard is good.<br/><br/>Boris Karloff wanted to be gruesomer than usual so he decided to copy Moe&#39;s hairstyle from the Three Stooges. It works. Karloff is excellent but you wouldn&#39;t want Gruesome for a piano bar date. The piano player/mobster never plays piano. They should have had Liberace in that role. It really would have worked.<br/><br/>The newspaper reporter could have tried for a spin-off.<br/><br/>I see this movie all the time at the 99 Cent Store. It is a great bargain. It is a good print of the film. The car chases are much better than today&#39;s chases. In the forties if a policeman saw a car driving away from somewhere, he could just shoot at it or shoot out the tires so it would crash into a taxidermy shop. Today they don&#39;t shoot at big crowds of people. Everyone in this movie has a gun.<br/><br/>All the sets are fun to imagine as being real. The hospital, the chemist&#39;s lab, the conveyor belt. The cars were beautiful back in the &#39;30s and &#39;40s. There is a lot to enjoy here. I saw this when I was a kid of about 8. It was great then, it is fun today.<br/><br/>Now get that cat out of the bank.<br/><br/>Tom Willett

Several small companies specializing in public domain movies have released it. Beware. Some small distributors market copies of both public domain and copyrighted films with poor picture and sound. Others are more reputable and deliver good transfers of the best available prints. Shop around.<br/><br/>You can begin your search here at Amazon.com.
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